PEIC was founded to Protect Education in Insecurity and Conflict

Our Vision

War, conflict and insecurity threaten education. Teachers and students may be killed, tortured or imprisoned. Schools and universities may be destroyed making learning an almost impossible goal. Military use of educational premises makes schools and universities vulnerable to attacks. Insecurity forces children and teachers to stay at home. Economic disruption means that families cannot afford to pay for education.

PEIC advocates in defense of education when it is most at risk and also most vital.


What We Do

PEIC promotes the UN’s Global Goals and by safeguarding inclusive and quality education for all that is the foundation to improving people's lives and sustainable development that are part of SDG4.

PEIC undertakes multi-lateral diplomacy and advocacy initiatives that safeguard the right to education. The Global Data Service will shine a light on these attacks. Our work with UN human rights, judicial mechanisms and strategic litigation will hold accountable those who perpetrate attacks on education. PEIC is committed to research and thought leadership that brings global attention to the harm caused to education by war, conflict and insecurity.



PEIC is a thought leader in proctecting education in insecurity and conflict and on preventive measures.

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Education and Conflict

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